Important Information Regarding Town Policy - Electronic & Telephonic Communications
Posted on Thursday November 12, 2015
The Town has an Electronic and Telephonic Communications Policy that covers the use of all technology resources belonging to the Town of Aberdeen. The policy covers the following technology resources: computer systems, telephones, cell phones, faxes, voice mail systems, e-mail systems, network resources, and Internet resources.

The Town of Aberdeen is committed to the use of information technology for the support of government operations and services. The Town provides technology resources to enable Town employees to provide timely and efficient services.

Use of the Communications Systems by employees for personal use is restricted to occasional use that does not interfere with the conduct of Town business. The Town will deem personal use excessive if it prevents the employee from handling customer inquiries, complaints, and requests for service in a timely manner or if it interferes with employees fulfilling their job responsibilities. Supervisors are responsible for monitoring the extent of personal use of these systems by employees during regular working hours.

Employees are cautioned that they have no expectation of privacy while using the internet at work.

The following uses of the Town’s Communication Systems are strictly prohibited:
  • Compromising the integrity of the Town and its business in any way;
  • Sending messages that contain offensive, abusive, discriminatory, threatening, harassing, or other language inappropriate for the operation of the Town; 
  • Assisting a campaign for election of any person to any office or for the promotion or of opposition to any ballot proposition; 
  • Engaging in practices that threaten the network; 
  • Trespassing in others’ folders, documents, or files; 
  • Intentionally wasting limited resources; 
  • Sending chain letters; 
  • Joining personal chat rooms; 
  • Using the Town’s email address to enter contests on the internet; 
  • Frequently mailing jokes or non-Town business material to multiple mailboxes; 
  • Intentionally viewing, downloading, and/or transmitting materials that involve the use of obscene language, images, jokes, sexually explicit materials or messages that abuse or belittle any person, group or classification of individuals; 
  • Installing software without prior authorization from the Town Manager;
  • Permitting unauthorized persons to use the Town’s Electronic Communications System; 
  • Unless specifically authorized by the Town to do so as part of an employee’s position, employees are not permitted to blog or use other forms of social media (i.e. facebook) during working hours or at any time on Town computers.
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