Other Programs and Discounts


Regular, full time employees who have served the Town of Aberdeen and who have worked a minimum of 1,000 hours during the previous twelve months will receive longevity pay based on years of service with the Town as follows:

Less than 3 years    $100
3 years                       $200
4 years                       $300
5 years                       $400
6 years                       $500
7 years                       $600
8 years                       $700
9 years                       $800
10 years                     $900
11 years                     $1,100
12 years                     $1,200  
13 years                     $1,300
14 years                     $1,400
15 years                     $1,500
16 years                     $1,600
17 years                     $1,700
18 years                     $1,800
19 years                     $1,900
20 years                     $2,000
21+ years                   $2,500 

Educational Assistance: 

Full-time regular employees may apply for educational assistance and educational leave.  Courses relating to the present job or a future position within the Town or to further an employee's education are considered eligible courses to pursue.  The Town of Aberdeen will pay for all of the first $150 of eligible costs for each fiscal year and 1/2 of any remaining eligible expenses up to a maximum of $1000 per fiscal year.  Employees must have a "C" or better in each course in order to receive reimbursement.  Employees are required to work with the Town for 1 year after receiving reimbursement.

Chamber Member Discounts: 

Member discounts are available at a variety of companies, including local merchants and restaurants by showing the Chamber of Commerce Member Discount Card.  If you do not have a Discount Card contact the Human Resources Department at 944-1115.  For a complete list of participating companies, click here.

Credit Union: 

Town of Aberdeen employees are eligible to join the North Carolina Local Government Federal Credit Union (LGFCU) at any State Employees Credit Union branch.  You must provide a pay stub for employment verification in order to join.  The Credit Union offers a variety of very competitive services and programs. Loans through the LGFCU may be payroll deducted.


Town of Aberdeen employees are eligible to join the BB&T Bank through the BB&T @ Work program.  You must provide a pay stub for employment verification in order to join under this program.  BB&T offers a variety of services and programs.  For more information, click on the following BB&T logo.

United Way: 

All full-time employees can contribute a minimum of $1.00 per paycheck to United Way as a charity donation.  If the Town has 100% participation from all full-time employees, then each full-time employee will receive 8 hours paid off for their birthday.

Disability Insurance: 

The Town offers supplemental disability insurance through Colonial Life and it is available each year during open enrollment or within 15 days of employment at the employee's expense.  Premiums are payroll deducted with pre-tax dollars. Please contact the Human Resources Department within 15 days of employment or during open enrollment if you would like disability or accident/sickness insurance.  For more information, contact the Regina at 944-4515 or Jamie at 944-4509.

For more information about Colonial Life coverage contact Debbie Halverstadt at 910-673-3950, dbhalverstadt@gmail.com or visit the Colonial Life homepage, here.

FirstHealth Center for Health & Fitness: 

Town of Aberdeen Employees are eligible for Corporate Membership Rates at the FirstHealth Centers in Southern Pines and Pinehurst.  These centers offer a variety of group exercise classes and exercise equipment.  For more information, visit FirstHealth of the Carolinas homepage, here.

FirstHealth Center of Southern Pines Membership Rates
FirstHealth Center of Pinehurst Membership Rates
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