The Town of Aberdeen is committed to providing a safe work environment for all Town employees.  In order to achieve that mission, the Town has a Safety Committee that meets on a monthly basis to review injuries and/or accidents, schedule appropriate safety training sessions, apply for and utilize safety grant money through the North Carolina League of Municipalities, perform annual safety audits of Town facilities, etc.  Listed below are the members currently serving on the Town of Aberdeen Safety Committee:

Regina Rosy, Safety Committee Chairman
Jamie Dockery, Administration Dept. Safety Committee Member
Richard Saunders, Fire Dept. Safety Committee Member
Josh Kirk, Police Dept. Safety Committee Member
Joe Thompson, Parks & Recreation Dept. Safety Committee Member
Brandon Mills, Public Works Dept. Safety Committee Member
Robert Baker, Public Works Dept. Safety Committee Member 
Mike McGowan, Planning Dept. Safety Committee Member

Safety Recognition Program

In an effort to reduce workplace injuries and accidents, and reduce our worker’s compensation insurance, the Safety Committee has developed a new Safety Recognition Program to recognize those departments that put safety first.

For a six month period, any department that has zero preventable injuries and/or accidents that requires medical treatment and/or incurs $1,000 or more of damage/expenses will be rewarded with a free lunch.

By working together to minimize injuries and accidents, we can ensure the safety of our coworkers and use budgeted money for safety programs, rather than for worker’s compensation insurance. 



Injury/Accident Reporting and Recording Process

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