Wellness Programs

The Town of Aberdeen offers a variety of wellness programs for employees throughout the year in order to promote healthy lifestyles and keep health insurance costs to a minimum.  All employees are encouraged to participate in these programs.  The Town of Aberdeen has a Wellness Committee that meets monthly to discuss and plan upcoming wellness programs.  The Committee Members are listed below:

Regina M. Rosy, Wellness Committee Chairman
Jamie Dockery, Administration Dept. Wellness Committee Member
Mauri Walter, Fire Dept. Wellness Committee Member
Melissa Dembnicki, Police Dept. Wellness Committee Member
Kacey Blackmon, Parks & Recreation Dept. Wellness Committee Member
Cheryl Ross, Public Works Dept. Wellness Committee Member
Amy Fulp, Planning Dept. Wellness Committee Member

  • Wellness Benefit:  Employees may apply for a $25 wellness benefit for having one of the following completed between July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019: pap smear, mammogram, colonoscopy, vision screening, skin cancer screening, and prostate cancer screening.  Employees may receive $25 for each service performed by providing an EOB or equivalent documentation.  Funds will be disbursed through payroll and are available on a first come, first serve basis.  A wellness benefit form can be downloaded here.  Return this form and your EOB to the Human Resources Department.

  • Weight Loss Competition:  A weight loss competition is held every year from January to April.   This program is encouraged to promote a healthier lifestyle.  Rules for Phases III - V.

  • Bowling League:  Every Wednesday evening in the Fall, Town employees participate in a bowling league at the Sandhills Bowling Center in Aberdeen.  Each employee pays $8.00 to bowl three games and rent their shoes or $6.00 if you own bowling shoes.  The team with the highest combined score wins their $10 each.  The bowler with the highest score of any one game each night will be entered into a drawing at the end of the league to win $100.  

  • Safety and Health Day:  Every May, a Safety and Health Day is coordinated for all Town employees.  We invite our payroll vendors, insurance companies, and other businesses to participate.  Employees can direct any questions they may have to the vendors or about insurances.  Also, there are various wellness classes that employees can attend.  There is an hour class where all employees are required to attend for information on changes in health and dental insurance and make any changes to their coverage.  There are interdepartmental competitions in the afternoon for volleyball, horseshoes, relay race, golf, bowling, and tennis.  Trophies and door prizes are given out to conclude the day.  This annual event is held to promote safety and wellness in an effort to reduce health insurance costs.  
  • Flu Shots:  Flu shots are offered every year to Town employees covered under the Town health insurance.  This is an excellent benefit for our employees to keep doctor bills down during the flu season and stay healthy. 

  • FirstQuit:  FirstQuit is a comprehensive program that uses the latest techniques to assist tobacco users through the process of quitting smoking, chewing, and other forms of tobacco use.  This program is offered through FirstHealth and is available to all full-time Town employees.  FirstQuit is offered to employees as a six week program free of charge as long as five employees participate.  Employees may participate in FirstQuit any time of the year for $50 for a six week program offered at the hospital.  For more information, visit the FirstQuit homepage, here.  

  • Sandhills Farm to Table: The Town of Aberdeen wants to encourage employees to support local farmers and eat healthy. The Sandhills Farm to Table program offers produce boxes to be delivered every other Wednesday in the fall and spring.  Each produce box has 6-9 different produce items depending on what is in peak for the week. The boxes are delivered to Town Hall.  The box is available in standard size (enough for 2 people who regularly eat produce) for $26 each pay period. The Town of Aberdeen will pay for the $20 membership fee and the employee can have the subscription fee of $16.00 payroll deducted each pay period.  To see what is in season for each box, click here
  • 100 Days Step Challenge: Join Town employees in an effort to achieve 1,000,000 steps in 100 days.  Pedometers should be worn all day, every day, and steps will be recorded at each Department.    

  • Lunch-N-Learns: Various topics on health and wellness to be offered in classes.  Lunch will be provided during the class for participants.  Lunch will be provided for all participants.  This Lunch-N-Learn will count towards the wellness incentive program.

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